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Your place to feel inspired to find a Sustainable Plant Based Solution to your ever challenging Weight and Low Energy Struggles.

  • The stubborn weight  to failing attempts of trying various diets
  • From frequent flu symptoms to feeling low energy most days
  • From your work stress to emotional eating
  • From your late night cravings to digestive discomforts
  • From your nagging aches and pains to your annoying mood swings
I am here as a coach, mentor and cheer leader to help you achieve your Holistic Health. I feel extremely passionate & happy to have this opportunity in life to be able to help you achieve the best version of your life because I know for sure that you truly deserve it!

How I work with clients…

It’s never about just kale and calories. Cultivating true health is a Holistic process which encompasses a slow & steady shift in food and lifestyle by means of practicing mindfulness and self-love every day.I will guide you to shift to better and long lasting health. Let’s do do this together!

6 months Transform Your Health

Through the process of a unique bio-individual approach, I coach committed individuals on sustainable wellness strategies that increase overall quality of life long-term.

Nurture 3

Transform Your Health
( 3 Months -1:1 Personal Program)

Are you worried about your declining immunity, ever increasing weight, chronic aches & pains? You are looking for a holistic approach to gain long term health & vitality.

Nurture 4

Vegan Weight Loss-Health Gain
(4 Weeks - Group Program)

Are you New to Vegan diet or transitioning to one? Have you reached a weight plateau?
Your Vegan Weight loss solution is here.

Client Success Stories

Ekta provided me with nutrition knowledge, the whys and the how’s. I learned how to plan a weekly meal plan and adapt it to my schedule. She gave me much nutritional information, helped me organize the meals and make sure it was balanced. She taught me new recipes and new ingredients to use, she gave me all sorts of tips to incorporate in my diet which made it way more complete, tasty and varied. She also provided me with spiritual guidance,  Read more

Enric Noguera

Lawyer, Amsterdam, Holland

Ekta is patient, understanding and very relatable. At the same time she is very effective, professional and can identify easily with my needs. I’d recommend her to everyone! She is like having a personal trainer for your mind! Ekta helped me find quick, convenient and healthy nutritional solutions which fit my lifestyle. She helped me establish realistic prepping, storage and cooking schedules to fit my busy life.  Read more

Dr. Ifeoma Onasanya

Gynecologist, UK

After the Nurture 5 Program I am pretty close to overcoming my daily struggles after the 5 week program with Ekta. The program taught me how to push myself to get out of my comfort zone and try a variety of wholesome foods.

I have lost 6 pounds in the last 5 weeks and am continuing to lose weight. I have now lost 7-8 pounds.  I also lost 2 inches around my waist which felt so good. I now fit into my clothes more comfortably. I feel more energetic, lively and revived. Read more

Priti singh

Digital Success Advisor at CVS Health, New York, USA

Nurture Yourself is on a mission to make healthy eating easy & exciting by encouraging Whole Food Plant Based “Food Farmacy” in every kitchen. Positively impacting current food system in a sustainable manner.

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